Great businesses need a great logo

Logo Design

At Twisted Edge Sign Studio, we can design a great logo for your company that will not only make your company STAND OUT but it will also help expand your business and your brand to other customers. We can also design a logo for personal use that will that will make you STAND OUT to other people or to other professionals. 

Cyclone Supplies Inc. Logo

Full Company Branding

Once a logo has been created, full company branding can be commenced. At Twisted Edge, we can help you establish your brand, your branding, and your brand identity by building your websites, product packaging, business cards, and email designs. 


From promotional signs to safety signs 


Banners are an excellent medium for advertising businesses and events since they are large and easy to see. They can easily grab the attention of possible customers even from afar. Twisted Edge uses vinyl banners, pull up banners, and mesh banners to create their banners. Vinyl banners are large and highly visible, making them an excellent tool for getting your business or event to a larger audience. Pull up banners are portable signs that are easy to transport and set up making them convenient for trade shows and events. Mesh banners, on the other hand, are excellent for windy locations. Banners are typically used for trade shows, conferences, businesses, retail stores, fundraising and charity associations, events, and concert halls, banquet halls, and other venues. 

Tradeshow Banners

Commercial Signs

A well designed and produced commercial sign is a great way to promote your business. Not only do commercial signs promote your business to your typical clientele but they also promote your business to others who may not have heard of your business. At Twisted Edge, we will design you commercial sign so that it is highly visible and complements the property.

Company Commercial Sign 3

Real Estate Signs

Since the real estate industry is super competitive, an impressive and professional looking real estate sign should be created to catch the eyes of future home-buyers. Twisted Edge produces for sale signs, apartment signs, directional signs, leasing signs, open house signs, property signs, realtor signs, and site signs that are eye catching and informative to future home-buyers. 

Safety Signs

Twisted Edge produces durable and high visibility signs that are OSHA and ANSI compliant. These signs can be made of a variety of sizes and materials such as decal, plastic, magnet, aluminum, sandwich board, diamond grade reflective aluminum, and high intensity reflective aluminum depending on the signs' application. The materials used are lightweight and strong, can withstand extreme temperatures such as hot and cold, and corrosion resistant if made from aluminum. Applications for these signs include safety signs, way finding signs, construction/road signs, oilfield site signs, muster point, directional signs, pipe markers, WHMIS/SDS labels, and floor and wall graphics. Safety signs can be purchased from our online store.

Custom Sandwich Boards

Wall/Floor Graphics

Wall and/or floor graphics can be a great way to spice up your building and/or your home. Twisted Edge can help design your wall/floor graphic to your taste. They can be applied to different surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, wood, and painted surfaces. 

Window Graphics


Lamacoids and metal tags for industrial and personal use


Lamacoids are ​made of strong, lightweight plastic that can be of any shape or colour. They can be used indoors or outdoors for a variety of applications such as device identification, control panels, cable or valve tags, name tags, and electrical panels. Custom lamacoids can be purchased from our online store.

 Plastic Lamacoid for Company Washroom

Metal Tags

There are two types of metals, anodized aluminum and stainless steel, that Twisted Edge uses to produce metal tags. Anodized aluminum and stainless steel are used because they are lightweight and strong, can withstand extreme temperatures, and most importantly, they are corrosion resistant meaning they do not rust. They can be used indoors or outdoors for a variety of applications such as valve or cable tags, name tags, lockout tags, control tags, serial number plates, ID tags, and dog tags. Custom metal tags can be purchased from our online store.

Company Stainless Steel Engraved Tag

Personal Engraved Items

Need a gift for that special someone? Or need to personalize something to make it unique? At Twisted Edge, we can engrave items to make them STAND OUT!! From tumblers to thermoses to coffee mugs to knives and to USB sticks, we can engrave your items to your liking. 

Custom Engraved Tumbler


Want clothing with your company brand on them? Need logos on your sports team or child's sports team clothes? Want a custom shirt with a cool design on it? Twisted Edge Sign Studio Inc. is the place for you. 

Heat Press

One way that Twisted Edge Sign Studio creates printwear is through the use of a heat press. A heat press transfers a graphic that is on a heat transfer vinyl onto a piece of clothing. It is a great way to transfer artwork or designs onto clothing such as t-shirts, hoodies, caps, toques, pants, shorts, face masks, and so much more. At Twisted Edge Sign Studio, we have various colours of heat transfer vinyl available as well as a printer that can print a multi-coloured design onto a printable heat transfer vinyl. We can heat transfer your company's logo, event name, players names and number, sponsors name, and/or artistic design onto your choice of clothing. 

Heat Pressed Company Logo on Hoodie


Need something embroidered? At Twisted Edge Sign Studio, we can do that for you. We have a variety of thread colours in stock that can make your embroidered product STAND OUT. Our embroidery machine can use up to 16 colours in a single design and we can embroider on a variety of products such as t-shirts, hoodies, pants, safety vests, harnesses, patches, toques, shorts, shirts, and more. 

Embroidered Company Logo on Shirt

Silk-screen Printing

Want a simple design, logo, or saying on a shirt? Silk-screen printing is the perfect way to add a simple design onto a piece of clothing. We have a variety of colours for silk-screening. 


Branding tools for your business

Business Cards

Business cards are an effective marketing tool that can help enhance your business by helping to create connections with clients. It represents you as a professional to clients and other professionals and provides them with the necessary information to contact you. These include your name, position, phone number(s), email, website, and company name and logo. Twisted Edge will design your business cards to make them attractive and easy to read for your customers.


Posters are a great marketing tool that can help promote new products, services, or events in a big way. Posters are typically displayed in stores, venues, and medical clinics. Twisted Edge uses gloss, matte, high glass, and uncoated posters to create posters for their customers. 

Vehicle Graphics

Customize your fleet and personal vehicles

Customize your ride with our vehicle graphics. Customize as little as one or as many as needed. At Twisted Edge, we can turn your company vehicle(s) into a billboard in which 100's and 1000's of potential customers can see it. We can also customize personal vehicles to your liking. 

Company Vehicle Graphic