Want clothing with your company brand on them? Need logos on your sports team or child's sports team clothes? Want a custom shirt with a cool design on it? Twisted Edge Sign Studio Inc. is the place for you. Check out our apparel catalogues from Sportwear Collection, Quality Sportswear, and Berne.

Heat Press

One way that Twisted Edge Sign Studio creates printwear is through the use of a heat press. A heat press transfers a graphic that is on a heat transfer vinyl onto a piece of clothing. It is a great way to transfer artwork or a design onto clothing such as t-shirts, hoodies, caps, toques, pants, shorts, face masks, and so much more. At Twisted Edge Sign Studio, we have various colours of heat transfer vinyl available as well as a printer that can print a multi-coloured design onto a printable heat transfer vinyl. We can heat transfer your company's logo, event name, players names and number, sponsors name, and/or artistic design onto your choice of clothing. 

Heat Pressed Company Logo on Hoodie


Need something embroidered? At Twisted Edge Sign Studio, we can do that for you. We have a variety of thread colours in stock that can make your embroidered product STAND OUT. Our embroidery machine can use up to 16 colours in a single design and we can embroider on a variety of products such as t-shirts, hoodies, pants, safety vests, harnesses, patches, toques, shorts, shirts, and more. 

Twisted Edge Embroidery Sample

Silk-screen Printing

Want a simple design, logo, or saying on a shirt in large quantities? Silk-screen printing is the perfect way to add a simple design onto a piece of clothing. We have a variety of colours for silk-screening.