Flammable Liquids Class 3 UN -2

Size: 4" X 4"
Material: Decal
UN Number: 2483


Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG): Flammable liquids

Class: 3

UN Number: 2483 Isopropyl isocyanate; 2486 isobutyl isocyanate; 2605 methoxymethyl isocyanate; 3079 methacrylonitrile stabilized; 2535 4-methylmorpholine N-methylmorpholine; 1267 petroleum crude oil; 3494 petroleum sour crude oil flammable toxic; 2924 flammable liquid corrosive N.O.S; 1203 gasoline or petrol or motor spirit; 1230 Methanol; 3256 elevated temperature liquid, flammable, n.o.s., with flash point above 37.8 C, at or above its flash point; or 1268 petroleum distillates, n.o.s. or Petroleum products, n.o.s.

Size: 10.75" X 10.75" or 4" X 4"

Material: Aluminum, decal, magnet, or plastic 

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