Flammable Solids Class 4.1 UN

Size: 4" X 4"
Material: Decal
UN Number: 1309


Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG): Flammable solids

Class: 4.1

UN Number: 1309 Aluminum powder coated; 1333 cerium slabs, inglots, or rods; 1323 ferrocerium; 2925 flammable solid corrosive organic N.O.S.; 1325 flammable solid organic N.O.S.; 2926 flammable solid toxic organic N.O.S.; 2989 lead phosphite; 3182 metal hydrides flammable N.O.S.; 3089 metal powder flammable N.O.S.; 1341 rubber scrap or rubber shoddy powdered or granulated; 3175 solids containing flammable liquid N.O.S.; or 1871 titanium hydride

Size: 10.75" X 10.75" or 4" X 4"

Material: Aluminum, decal, magnet, or plastic 

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