Non-Flammable Gas Class 2.2 UN

Size: 4" X 4"
Material: Decal
UN Number: 1002


Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG): Non-flammable gas

Class: 2.2

UN Number: 1002 compressed air, 1003 air refrigerated liquid, 1066 nitrogen compressed, 1080 sulfur hexaflouride, 1913 neon refrigerated liquid, 1951 argon refrigerated liquid, 1963 helium refrigerated liquid, 1970 krypton refrigerated liquid, 1977 nitrogen refrigerated liquid, 2187 carbon dioxide refrigerated liquid, 2201 nitrous oxide refrigerated liquid,  or 2259 xenon refrigerated liquid

Size: 10.75" X 10.75" or 4" X 4"

Material: Aluminum, decal, magnet, or plastic 

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