Toxic Gas Class 2.4 UN -1

Size: 4" X 4"
Material: Decal
UN Number: 1005


Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG): Toxic gas

Class: 2.4

UN Number: 1005 Ammonia anhydrous, 1741 boron trifluoride, 1008 boron trifluoride compressed, 1017 chlorine, 1040 ethylene oxide with nitrogen, 2186 hydrogen chloride refrigerated liquid, 1053 hydrogen sulphide, 1062 methyl bromide, 2534 methyl chlorosilane, 1064 methyl mercaptan, 1067 nitrogen dioxide, or 1069 nitrosyl chloride

Size: 10.75" X 10.75" or 4" X 4"

Material: Aluminum, decal, magnet, or plastic 

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